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Here is our 848x436 Flash example that plays on most computers.  It is made from a 255Mb .avi file we got directly from Sony.  When we find extra time plan to compress the same 99Mb file as the other examples for further comparison.  Our point is to show video compressed and deployed by DesignAVS as HD video online is better to look at, better to listen to, and is better synchronized than on other deployment systems like YouTube.  We can help you advertise better.  To watch an example: Double-click the central red button to play.  When playing if you want to see the 'control bar' move your mouse-pointer to the bottom of the screen by the time counter.

DesignAVS Video

If the web videos above didn't work for you. e-Mail us at and we will analyze and compress your video for your unique situation.  DesignAVS does not show its best work without signing a mutual non-disclosure in place.  Please e-mail if you would like to see some of the good stuff done better to your selection of toys.

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