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Superior video compression technology offered by DesignAVS creates awesome HD video online audio & visual quality with vastly reduced file sizes.

Video files are huge enough to congest the Internet and slow speeds for everyone.  At broadband bit rates HD video online is often poor quality not viewable with sputter that loads slowly especially if on a slow computer or connection.  Today's video compression reduces visual and sound quality to unacceptable levels even in small windows.  Peer-to-peer video data traffic accounts at times for 50 percent of all Internet data.  Over 20% of all HTTP traffic is YouTube and growing.  Huge opportunities exist with ten billion videos watched in December 2007, one-third YouTube.  Time Warner is experimenting with consumption-based pricing in Texas as five percent of its customers use 50% of their bandwidth.  Bandwidth and storage cost money.

The biggest and best imply high definition video is viewable by all, online and mobile without upgrades or plug-ins, but they cannot show it.

Anyone can with DesignAVS Corporation help.

For proof of possibilities in under a minute we watched the start of the same video two ways on the DesignAVS website - 'the standard', YouTube, was compared to the results of what DesignAVS sells.  The YouTube video was in their normal small window (320 x 240) and looked fuzzy with muffled mono sound not synchronized to action, when expanded it looked worse.  The DesignAVS deployed videos showed amazing detail in much bigger widows, 480p (848 x 436) and 720p sometimes called '1080p computer video' (1280 x 624), with booming stereo sound tightly linked to action.

DesignAVS' team members keep up with the world's best video compression software that can minimize storage and bandwidth expense while enabling previously not possible applications.  He says, "Fewer people watch TV or read newspapers in favor of on-demand video information. The trend will continue for the visionary to capitalize on.  Our customers obtain image results not available elsewhere.  Having the ability to leverage clear full screen HD video online at wi-fi speeds creates business advantages.".

DesignAVS helps organizations to distribute incredible video in the smallest file sizes showing more details on all system types at any bitrate. For example, true 720p and 1080p HD videos are created in the smallest file sizes we've seen anywhere. Sharing better HD video online will improve: social networks, websites, advertisements, training, multimedia applications, and more.

Free of charge DesignAVS is willing to compress any video in any input or output format desired.

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